If I don't see you on the other side,
Remember that I love you
so i guess you could call this my goodbye note

yeah i wasnt supposed to leave the TMR fandom until the kill order came out but i have really lost interest in the series and dont like the fandom at all and i dont want to stick around for an even further demise of what was once a lovely little family, although i will continue writing my fanfic

im going to flat out say that this fandom has multiple bitches in it and i cant even take it anymore like omfg some people need a shut the fuck up pill

plus i cant even go in the tag anymore without wanting to gouge my eyes out. like wtf is with your guy’s obsession with turtles and ponies and “real gladers” because you all need to stop 

also the anon hate is ridiculous. i dont need people bitching at me all the time.

so congratulations TMR fandom you are an officially a bag of dicks *except for the random people who i actually love and respect because they are sensible motherfuckers, you guys are why i stayed as long as i did.* this is now an inactive blog thanks to you

peace out bitchachos 

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  1. church-the-cat said: I completely disagree. This fandom is awesome. Who cares if we have jokes about turtles and such? Other fandoms have jokes like that too. We still are a “lovely little family” and I have yet to meet any bitchy member of this fandom. Everyone’s cool
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    Yep sums up my feelings accurately
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